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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Contract Hire?
Business contract hire allows business owners to rent vans long term. These terms typically come with mileage allowances and are paid on a monthly basis. Business contract hire is only available to sole-traders, limited companies and partnerships.

What is Personal Contract Hire?
Personal Contract Hire offers the same terms as Business Contract Hire, but it is available to private customers.

Will I require a credit check?
Leasing a vehicle requires credit. This means a credit check is mandatory.

Can I lease with a poor credit history?
Many customers are concerned that their credit score will impact their ability to lease a vehicle. We use varied criteria to vet our customers and work with a wide variety of finance providers. We always do our utmost to ensure you can source a vehicle.

Is there a charge for delivery?
We offer free delivery to mainland UK. Your van will be driven to you from the supplying dealership. It can be transported for an additional cost, dependant on location.

What about admin fees?
All of our admin fees are quoted in your initial enquiry. We endeavour to be fully transparent when it comes to pricing.

What lease terms are available?
We offer a wide variety of leasing terms. These include term length, mileage and downpayment.

Can I end the contract early?
If you need to end the contract early, please contact us directly. This is dealt with on a case by case basis and your requirements will be entirely unique. Call one of our advisers to discuss your options.

What happens when the contract is up?
When your contract ends, the majority of the time the vehicle will simply be returned and a new lease taken out on a new vehicle.

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