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Privacy Policy

Data Protection:
By accessing and using this website, owned and operated by Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd. you (as a consumer or individual) signify your consent to the collection and use of any personal data that may be supplied by you as specified by the below explanation of the privacy policy of Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd. Should the company (Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd.) choose to amend or need to amend the below policy due to unforeseen changes in law or regulation, an updated version will be posted on this page for your reference so that it is possible to see any amendments that have been made to how we deal with your information and under which circumstances that data is disclosed.

Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd. has a policy of compliance to the laws of Data Protection within the United Kingdom and British Isles in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 (and any amendments thereof). Non-personal data (that may not be covered by the above act) may be stored and used in conjunction with other people’s. Tilsun vehicle Contracts Ltd does not sell, transfer or trade your personal information outside of the company, unless explicit consent has been made by you as a consumer allowing the company to do so, or whereby the information must be transferred to a third party to allow provision of any goods or services requested by you as a consumer.

By providing information to Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd, of both a personal and non-personal nature, you agree that you do not consider use of any information supplied, in agreement with the privacy policy of Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd, to be in breach of any of your rights as a consumer or individual as described in the Telecommunications Regulations 2000 (or any amendment thereof) and also confirm that by entering your information on forms (whether hard copies or electronic) or supplying any data or personal information to Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd, you are consenting to the processing of the data supplied and also storage of the information in secure facilities.

If Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd are contacted by the Police or any other regulatory or governmental agency or authority, that has the relevant permissions and powers to request your information as a consumer and as an individual with regards to your activities both on this website and/or as a customer of Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd. Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd must comply to any request given with the relevant authority/warrant.

Intellectual Property:
All the materials contained on or within this website are the intellectual property of Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd. or employees thereof, who have negated any claim to intellectual property as contained within their contract. Such materials as contained within Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd’s website may not be copied, reproduced, sub-licensed or assigned without express authorisation from Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd. However, as an individual or prospective customer, complete sections of the website can be printed for personal use or reference with relation to research or any aid which may be obtained with regards to any decision that may need to be made.

Accuracy of Information:
Any information supplied to Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd. must be accurate and upto date in the same respect that information supplied by Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd. about vehicles, supply of services and any other tertiary goods available will be as accurate and upto date as possible, in respect of this and linking to the statement on our Terms & Conditions page (Hyperlink?) Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd. will, to the fullest extent of the law refuse all liability (except in the circumstance of death or personal injury) relating to reliance, which emanated from any statement on Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd’s website.

Law and Jurisdiction:
As a website and company based and registered within The United Kingdom, Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd. operate to abide by the laws of England and Wales and as such, any legal action that may be taken against Tilsun Vehicle Contracts Ltd. will be under the English laws and under the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.