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What We Do

We offer expert van leasing for both commercial and private customers. This is one of the most popular methods of vehicle leasing and as a result, is one of the most widespread.

Business Contract Hire
Business Contract Hire allows you to pay for usage of the vehicle, handing it back at the end of the contract. After an initial payment is made, your annual milage will be calculated. This will determine a monthly cost. The lease term can be between two and four years, and after this, the vehicle is returned

Personal Contract Hire
Personal Contract Hire works in almost the same way as Business Contract Hire, but for private customers.

The benefits of Contract Hire

  • Low initial payment compared to other types of lease
  • Flexible annual mileage and lease term
  • Maintenance packages are available
  • No concerns about depreciation. When the lease is over, the vehicle is simply returned
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